Concert, Late Night

(em)power (e)motion mit Kaleo Sansaa; La By'le; Ana Helder & Gîn Bali

projekt.kollektiv und Q_munity in Kooperation mit dem Stadtgarten präsentieren:

(em)power (e)motion - Your Festival for Education and Encounter in the Context of Flight, Migration and Postmigration takes place from September 23-25 in Cologne and opens empowerment and community-oriented spaces for, by and with young people and actors from the fields of flight and (post-)migration, racism-critical and queer youth work.

KALEO SANSAA is an artist who immediately captivates the audience with her unique sound. Using the neologisms Sund-Drunk Sound and Solar-Based Hip Hop, she attempts to capture the essence of her music: A sound that seems to come from the heart of the sun; genuine, honest and meditative. Solar-Based HipHop is the pure expression of the soul and is characterized primarily by hypnotic, experimental hip-hop beats. Their debut album SOLARBASED KWING, released last year, speaks of self-empowerment, healing and radical self-love and so fits perfectly into the festival program.

La By'le [ˈLa:baɪ̯liː]
La By'le presents a danceable mix of BREGA FUNK and BAILE FUNK as well as other energetic styles from the GLOBAL SOUTH. La By'le's Spice breaks boundaries with a fun, humorous and provocative angle. With lively choreography, ambiguous lyrics and odes to Germany's Gotham City, La By'le leaves a lasting impression on their audience.

The team: Babix, Sera Kalo, Pitota, Cara Muru and Luana Madikera have their cultural roots in the global south (South America, Caribbean and Africa) and are active members of the POC+ community in Berlin. In recent years, La By'le has been a local support for international artists such as Mc Carol and Deize Tigrona. They have also organized dance workshops with Sabrina Ginga (Heavy Baile), VN and Sheik (Nego do Borel). In 2020 La By'le was awarded by the Club Commission Berlin for their outstanding contribution to Berlin's club culture and music scene.

After the concert there will be (more) dancing - with global beats and cold drink we will stay in motion with each other!
After-Show-Party with
DJ Genovesa (Conscious Latinx Club Music) & Gin Bali

DJ Genovesa, a young star from Colombia on the Cologne club firmament, stands for feminist-inspired Conscious Latinx Club Music - her mixes with Dembow, Amapiano, Dancehall, Reggaetón, Trap, but also Afrobeats and Latin House guarantee a moving and lustful bass-heavy evening.

The sounds of the musician, music educator, organizer and DJ Gîn Bali are characterized by her personal examination of her diasporic self, which actually redefines itself for her every hour. Mostly she combines her artistic ego and her ego of the real world as well as her experiences to create something new out of it. Thus, a wide variety of genres come together in her sets as well as her own productions. Gîn Bali feels genderunbound and lives genreunbound in her music, accompanied by bass, jungle, moombathon, hip hop, experimental, classical, deconstructed club, grime and Kurdish pop.

An event by projekt.kollektiv / IDA-NRW and Q_munity - Queeres Netzwerk NRW.

Sat, 24.09.2022
ConcertLate Night

Kaleo Sansaa (vocals), DJ Genovesa (DJ), La By'le (vocals), Gîn Bali (DJ)

Rap, Soul, Hip Hop, Dancehall

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 20:00

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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