Federico Albanese

Federico Albanese is on tour again and presents his third album By The Deep Sea, which will be released on the Neue Meister label on February 23, 2018. By The Deep Sea is a state of mind that I very often find myself in," says Albanese. "It's like a kind of meditation for me when I try to get away from everyday life. In this inner world I can approach my deepest thoughts, ideas and doubts, see them clearly and process them and translate them into something else".

By The Deep Sea is a work of remarkable nuance, elegance and depth. For his compositions, Albanese uses his key instrument, the piano, as well as a variety of other instruments including Rhodes piano, synthesizer, Hammond organ, electric, acoustic and bass guitars, and field recordings. "I've worked a lot with synthesizers and arpeggiators, loops and effects to expand the piano sound," he explains. "It's so nice to experiment and create complexity with it. I wanted to represent a feeling of evolution, the idea of approaching an ever deeper and deeper state of mind."

Federico Albanese's musical versatility is evident in his natural talent, which leads him to discover music in all its facets. The compositions of the Italian composer are airy and cinematic, combining classical music, electronica and psychedelia. His highly acclaimed debut solo album The Houseboat and the Moon (2014) has been described as "pure gold" and "one of the most beautiful modern classical albums of recent years". Albanese's second album The Blue Hour (2016) was released by the 2016 newly founded label Neue Meister. The combination of precise composition and dreamlike fluidity expanded Albanese's overall sound even further. It starts with the piano and synthesizers and is complemented by a cello that has been amplified by over-dubbing and sound effects, and then grows into a chamber orchestra. In the context of the release of The Blue Hour, Albanese played numerous concerts throughout Europe, including the Womad Festival (UK), the Montreux Jazz Festival (CH) and the SXSW in Austin, Texas (USA).

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Tue, 29.10.2019

Pop, Neo-Klassik, Ambiente

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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