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Felix Henkelhausen "Deranged Particles"

Szene Berlin #2

"Deranged Particles" is the latest project of Berlin-based bassist Felix Henkelhausen and consists of some of his closest collaborators, including tenor saxophonist Philipp Gropper, trumpeter Percy Pursglove and pianist Olga Rezniechenko. The band is united by a common aesthetic, which takes place on a rhythmic, melodic and emotional level. The reason for a format of this size is to create an orchestral body that allows for both percussive complexity and colorful expressiveness.
The dense compositions deal with the theme of interweaving and counterpoint in a pulse or groove based context that becomes highly abstracted and alienated. Each member of the band brings a blend of strong emotional expressiveness and versatile virtuosity.

The name of the band is emblematic of the concept of music and describes the state of abstract particles that are in motion independently but collide from time to time, interweaving the individual and the collective and are inseparable from each other.

In October 2024, the first album will be released on the Berlin label "Fun in the Church".

Felix Henkelhausen was born in Oldenburg in 1995 and completed early studies with Prof. Detlev Beier from 2012-2014, after which he studied at the Jazzinstitut Berlin with Prof. Greg Cohen and Marc Muellbauer.
In 2023 he was nominated for the German Jazz Award in the double bass category.
Felix has worked with artists such as: Kathrin Pechlof, Marc Copland, Tom Rainey, Jim Black, Lucia Cadotsch, Mark Feldman, Lotte Anker, Nate Wooley, Dave Liebman, Kirke Karja, Eric Mcpherson and many more.
He has played in over 25 countries and is an active part of the European jazz and improv scene.
As a sideman he works with, among others: Jim and the Shrimps, Tau5, Bram de Looze "Vice Versa", Liun and the Science Fiction Orchestra, Stefan Schultze Large etc. He has two projects of his own.

Wed, 27.03.2024
Concert Highlight!

Felix Henkelhausen (double bass, comp), Percy Pursglove (trumpet), Philipp Gropper (tenor saxophone), Olga Reznichenko (piano), Valentin Gerhardus (electronics, live sampling), Evi Filippou (vibraphone, percussion), Philip Dornbusch (drums, percussion)

Jazz, Improvisation

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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