Ensemble s c o p e © Merlin Blumenschein

Frau Musica Nova Festival / SCOPE


Since the 1990s, FMN (FRAU MUSICA NOVA) has been presenting forward-looking composers, performers and interpreters who understand contemporary music as transmedial, intercultural and genre-free, as an experiment in boundaries.

This year's festival starts with the young Freiburg ensemble collective
s c o p e, which takes us into futuristic and music-theatrical spheres with gl;tch. gl;tch means as much as a small disturbance, a brief state of emergency. A short irritation in the functioning system. Often only for your small moment, not reproducible, a precious stumbling block between reality and virtuality.
A wonderful introduction to the diversity of contemporary music for all those who have had little contact with New Music!
In an alliance of musicians, sound artists as well as light, video and performance artists, s c o p e realizes intermedial, cross-genre, music-theatrical overall experiences. In addition to works by composers such as Nicole Lizée and Kelley Sheehan, s c o p e also presents new transmedial compositions by Katarina Gryvul, Emilio Guim, Lucia Kilger and Clemens K. Thomas.

Musical direction: Frederike Scheunchen
Composition, artistic direction: Clemens K. Thomas
Composition, sound direction, artistic direction: Lucia Kilger
Composition: Katarina Gryvul, Emilio Guim
Video: Martin Mallon
Lighting: Victor Haberkorn
Set and costumes: Cornelius Reitmayr
Electronics programming: Lukas Nowok


FMN (Frau Musica Nova) stands for the opening of the genre "Contemporary Music Festival" to an open platform for encounters between the arts.
From the beginning, FMN has stood for artists:inside who use their language to evoke a confrontation with the present and the contemporary and explore various forms of experimental approaches to music and its interaction with media, performance and theatricality. The festival continuously expands the spectrum of transmedial productions and advocates overcoming the boundaries of genre and gender.

Germany's traditional festival of female composers was founded in 1997 and has been closely associated with Deutschlandfunk throughout its existence. All concerts are recorded, produced and subsequently broadcast with commentary in the Deutschlandfunk program. In addition, FMN develops an important and forward-looking network in cooperation with other festivals and institutions such as HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts, Heroines of Sound or Radialsystem Berlin in order to disseminate the work of selected contemporary artists.

Thu, 24.11.2022

Ya Chu Yang (horn), Lina Andonovska (flute), Carlos Cordeiro (clarinet), Robert Menczel (guitar), Paul Ebert (drums, percussion), Katharina Schmauder (violin, viola), Benjamin Coyte (cello), Anna Stelzner (double bass), Ria Rehfuß (performance, dance)

contemporary music

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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