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Fuchsthone Orchestra

Das Konzert ist reihenbestuhlt - es erfolgt eine feste Sitzplatzvergabe über den Vorverkauf bzw die Abendkasse sowie die Kontaktdatenerfassung zur Rückverfolgbarkeit. Die geltenden Hygienevorschriften im Haus sind zu beachten.

"Grandios!" were already the premiere concerts last year according to the press and the audience, and the two band leaders Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon and their Large Ensemble have no less expectations of the concerts this year. In September 2020 the ongoing concert series
"Fuchsthone reloaded #1" in Cologne's Stadtgarten. Together with the ensemble, the composers there continue to modulate their repertoire in a constant process.

The FUCHSTHONE ORCHESTRA unites 22 outstanding and multiple award-winning Cologne musicians* and stands for a new, orchestral sound that, depending on the genre, transcends previous boundaries and takes the listener on a spectacular sound journey. The two composers Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon are leading representatives of contemporary, large-scale jazz and have two decades of experience in conducting large orchestras (United Women's Orchestra, Thoneline Orchestra, Soundscapes Orchestra).

Their ideas for a new, joint ensemble are surprisingly fresh, and with electronics as a supporting element, they go far beyond the concepts of big band and contemporary jazz.

Thu, 10.09.2020

Christina Fuchs (composition; conduction, arrangement), Caroline Thon (composition, conduction, arrangement), Eva Pöpplein (electronics, samples), Jens Düppe (drums), Alexander Morsey (bass), Zuzanna Leharova (violin), Andreas Wahl (guitar), Laia Genc (piano), Filippa Gojo (vocals), Wolf Schenk (tuba; bass trombone), Philipp Schittek, Matthias Schuller (trombone), Roger Hanschel, Theresia Philipp, Matthew Halpin, Susanne Weidinger (saxophone, clarinet, flute), Christian Mehler, Matthias Knoop, Matthias Frey (trumpet)

Electronica, Jazz (Big Band), Experimental

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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