Late Night

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Halloweenparty: Mittanzgelegenheit

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Mittanzgelegenheit's Halloween party has long since become a classic. And not without reason: On Halloween, the heaviest beats sweep across the dance floor all night long: five-star party beats with an extra portion of Kölsch, so to speak.
In plain language: The complete Mittanz crew will do the honors at the mixing desk: Starting with the mangy coyote DJ Szabotage up to Soundmaster Bulle Butterstulle (Cream, baby!). Plus the witnesses for the prosecution and another load of DJ scoundrels, including Schiko the Pico (Riga, Warsaw, main thing East!) and Jonnynz. Last but not least: Horge aka George at his best with Guiter Rhymed Deluxe. That sizzles.

Disguise is of course possible, but by no means a must ...

Floor 1 // The Great Hall
The Warsaw garden shears Schikora, fog light Jonnynz and headliner Bullinski (I wanna make you sweat).

Floor 2 // JAKI Klub
DJ Szabotage, Senior Horge & Special Guests

Tue, 31.10.2023
Late Night

Electronica, Hip Hop, Hits, Mash Up

all area Start 22:30 Doors 22:30

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