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At first glance, there seem to be worlds between a mobile quartet characterized by spontaneity and the powerful-sounding "tanker" big band that is slow to change direction. In fact, Hendrika Entzian's creative will succeeds in bridging this structural gap. In the Stadtgarten she will present her album "Marble". The title plays on the double meaning of the English word, marbles and marble, round and solid, Entzian explains. "I like the fluid structures found in marble and the changes in perspective it allows." Entzian and her musicians:inside combine aspects of timeless orchestral color, individual ideas and clever theme development. With energy, joy of playing and sonority, Hendrika Entzian+ is able to inspire a multi-layered audience, including younger ones.

Sun, 03.04.2022
Concert Highlight!

Hendrika Entzian (compositions, arrangements, conducting), Julian Bossert (alto saxophone, flute), Theresia Philipp (alto saxophone, clarinet), Matthew Halpin (tenor & soprano saxophone), Sebastian Gille (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Heiko Bidmon (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Andy Haderer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Felix Meyer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Bastian Stein (trumpet, flugelhorn), Heidi Bayer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Klaus Heidenreich (trombone), Shannon Barnett (trombone), Janning Trumann (trombone), Jan Schreiner (bass trombone), Simon Seidl (piano, Fender Rhodes), Sandra Hempel (guitar), Matthias Akeo Nowak (bass), Fabian Arends (drums)

Jazz, Modern Jazz, Big Band

concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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