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IN BETWEEN SPACES: Billy Bao w/ Margarida Garcia & DJ Marfox I Asher Gamedze "Dialectic Soul"

Since 2019, the event series IN BETWEEN SPACES has been dedicated - primarily on a musical and cultural level - to the interactions, connections and conflicts between Africa and Europe. The focal points 'Mediterranean Crossings' and 'Indie Idiosyncrasies' were followed by 'Complex Collaborations', these will find their provisional conclusion with their fourth edition on three concert evenings in November 2022.

On three evenings in November 2022, different collaborations between musicians from different regions of Africa, the African Diaspora and Europe will be presented: Exciting musical hybrids between poetic South African jazz, punk noise, radical minimalist improvisations, transcultural experimentation and North African influenced trance rock.

The first concert evening spans from poetic South African jazz of the outstanding drummer and political activist Asher Gamedze with his 'Dialectic Soul' quartet to the Basque punk avant-garde activists Billy Bao around the noisemusician and artist Mattin. With bassist Margarida Garcia and kuduro producer DJ Marfox, they follow up on their fabulous album "Lagos Sessions," which was recorded in 2014 in the Nigerian metropolis of 20 million.

An event by ZAM Zentrum für Aktuelle Musik e.V. in cooperation with the European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music Stadtgarten Cologne.

Tue, 08.11.2022

Asher Gamedze: Asher Gamedze (drums), Thembinkosi Mavimbela (double bass), Robin Kock (trumpet), Billy Bao: Mattin (guitar), Margarida Garcia (bass), DJ Marfox (turntables, elec)

Jazz, Transcultural Punk Noise

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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