Matthias Mainz © Matthias Kneppeck

In Between Spaces: Vorträge und Panels

Vorträge und Panels mit Sarah El Miniawy, Francis Gay (tbc), Kamilya Jubran, Joss Turnbull, Nadah El Shazly (tbc), Maurice Louca (tbc), Matthias Mainz

In recent years, a productive scene of independent experimental musicians has developed in the MENA region (Middle East North Africa) - especially in the cultural centres of Cairo and Beirut - who move freely between Western experimental influences, traditional and local popular music and are (also) celebrated in Europe as ambassadors of an idiosyncratic modernization. Between elements of regional pop music and classical Arabic influences, noise, psychedelia, improvisation, electronic music, jazz and rock elements, very modern and independent forms and sounds are created. "Indie Idiosyncracies" presents several outstanding experimental projects from this region - whereby the Israeli Palestinian Kamilya Jubran has been living in exile in France for a long time, but is still supposed to appear here because of the influence of her work on other musicians* - and, in conversation with WDR Cosmo programme director Francis Gay and Algerian producer Sarah El Miniawy, addresses not only internal musical questions, but also local contexts and production conditions, political framework conditions and the reception of Arab music in various European contexts.

Concept & Curation: Thomas Gläßer in dialogue with Sarah El Miniawy
Organizer: ZAM Center for Contemporary Music e.V.
Cooperation partners: Academy of the Arts of the World and European Centre for Jazz and Contemporary Music in the Stadtgarten

In Between Spaces: Indie Idiosyncracies is part of the event series Global Diffusion - Musical Statements Cologne, supported by the city of Cologne, as well as of the thematic line Hybrid Transactions of the Akademie der Künste der Welt.

Thu, 03.10.2019

lounge Start 15:00

Free admission

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