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Jazz at JAKI: Maik Krahl Quartett

Fraction - that sounds small, almost incomplete somehow. But trumpeter Maik Krahl proves with his second album Fraction that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts.

After his acclaimed debut Decidophobia, for which Maik Krahl toured with his quartet across Germany and at many renowned jazz festivals, Maik Krahl delivers with Fraction an earthy, at times floating light album that picks up friends of experimental jazz sounds and fans of traditional jazz styles alike. Or, in the words of his former professor Till Brönner: "It's great fun to listen to Maik Krahl and his fellow artists on Fraction! The love for virtuosity and sound is found in each of the compositions captured here on a level that simply has to inspire! My sincere respect for this album!".

Maik Krahl, born in 1991, knows how to take the listener*s along on the journey of the record. His characteristic, soft sound - reminiscent of great role models such as Chet Baker - alternates from gentle sounds to exciting sound games with delay and distortion. But Krahl never loses his sense for musicality and melodies. The record deliberately comes to rest and breathe between exciting solo passages.

Together with Constantin Krahmer (p/rhod), Oliver Lutz (db) and Leif Berger (dr), Maik Krahl creates a pleasantly warm sound and an atmosphere that triggers different imagery in the listener depending on the piece. Opening" and "Tangent to Tango" start off soft and accessible (by the way, also perfect warm-up pieces for "jazz beginners"), "Big Adventures of a Tiny Creature" picks up soulful groove elements that transport you mentally to New York jazz basements - and you almost just wait for Donald Fagon and Walter Becker of Steely Dan to kick in on the next beat. It should probably be especially emphasized that Maik Krahl was able to get the celebrated star Seamus Blake (sax) as a guest for his album.
In the same song, Krahl and Seamus Blake engage in a wonderful call-and-response repartee that leads into a series of first-rate solos - uncannily adept, performed with a pleasant nonchalance. Just as you would expect from the greats in jazz.

On the track "At First Sight" Maik Krahl's joy of experimentation flashes through, which we already know from his previous album: Provided with distortion, the just so soft trumpet sounds almost like a distorted electric guitar. The sound makes you sit up and take notice, but again Maik Krahl always chooses the path of melody.
Fraction is an album full of finds, which are small pearls in themselves, but in the context of the album a great treasure. Just more than just a fragment.

Sat, 05.03.2022

Maik Krahl (trumpet), Constantin Krahmer (piano), Jakob Kühnemann (bass), Fabian Rösch (drums)


jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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