Jens Düppe © Mark Steffen Göwecke // Pascal Schumacher © Fredrik Altinell

Jens Düppe Solo & Pascal Schumacher Solo

Solo-Doppelkonzert | Jens Düppe 'ego_D' (Release-Konzert) und Pascal Schumacher 'LUNA'

Jens Düppe:

JazzZeitung called Cologne-based drummer Jens Düppe one of the most innovative improvising musicians. Awarded with the WDR Jazz Prize in 2019, it is important for Düppe to always bring up new projects and artistic encounters. A solo programme has long been one of his wishes. Playing drums, piano and synthesizer simultaneously, Jens Düppe now brings himself alone and finely balanced sound worlds to the stage.

With 'ego_D', Düppe personally and truly reflects his worldwide concert tours and his work in and with international music projects. The richness of colour in his music is influenced by encounters such as with the Bulgarian pianist and electro artist Dimitar Bodurov or the vibraphonist Pascal Schuhmacher, who will also present his solo programme on this evening in the Stadtgarten. Impressions from orchestral projects with the US-american composer Maria Schneider as well as with the passed German trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff shaped Düppe and his music expresses his interest in electronic and classical minimal music.


Pascal Schumacher:

The Luxembourg vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher seems to have become one with his instrument. After his solo debut 'SOL' now follows the release 'LUNA' and on it Schumacher shows the contemplative side of his musical work with carefully considered, thoughtful and calm sound worlds. While the solo debut was purely a reference to the artist himself, 'LUNA' (Neue Meister, March 2022) also contains compositions for other musicians, such as the Belgian post-classical ensemble Echo Collective.

About working on and with his instrument, Schumacher says: "It's quite a process to become one with the vibraphone. I was always envious of the cellists who hold their instrument in their arms, feel it and almost embrace it." "With the vibraphone, the relationship is initially a very distant one. He first stood alone in front of an audience in 2018 at the invitation of a Salzburg festival. "In these moments you can be completely creative, everything is allowed, you don't have to stick to anything you have planned or rehearsed". Afterwards, he didn't want to miss the moment of solitude together with his instrument and the immediate free playing.

Tue, 11.10.2022

Jens Düppe (drums, piano, synthesizer), Pascal Schumacher (vibraphone, chimes, organelle, gongs)

Jazz, Minimal Music, New Classic

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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