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Julia Hülsmann Quartett

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Stagnation is a foreign word for Julia Hülsmann. With her trio, which in the last 17 years of their existence has not only found a common breath but has also shaped the contemporary jazz of the country with its essential and wonderfully open style, she did not release the album "Sooner And Later" on ECM until 2017. After the pianist had extended the trio again and again by instrumentalists or singers, it was time to return to the origin and to process the many common journeys. "Far away from any inward sensuality, ravishing sounds and tone sequences blossom in a magical field of tension of simple sobriety and drunken rapture" wrote RONDO in March 2017 and brought the character of "Sooner and Later" to the point.

For her seventh album on ECM, Julia Hülsmann had a new timbre in mind, which Uli Kempendorff contributes to the tenor saxophone. All three musicians have known him for many years and have played with him in a wide variety of constellations. With his own formations rather at home in the avant-garde, Kempendorff's open mind and curiosity forbid any pigeonholing or classification. It could be because of his openness, or because similar musical ways of thinking meet, or because over the many years of playing together a friendship between all has developed - he complements the trio with the angular and austere beauty of his tone so well that one could think that this quartet has always existed that way.

Julia Hülsmann managed again to stay true to herself, to raise her band sound to a new level and to keep the suspense alive. What a joy to be a witness to this permanent transformation and further development.

Sat, 09.11.2019
Concert Highlight!

Julia Hülsmann (p), Uli Kempendorff (ts), Marc Muellbauer (kb), Heinrich Köbberling (dr)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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