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Kompott Dance for Ukraine Party mit SKURILLI

Kompott Dance for Ukraine Party with SKURILLI (LIVE)
The first Kompott party after Corona, the first party since the war.

For a long time we didn't feel like dancing, but from reading the news (manic), suffering (every man for himself in a quiet room) and helping (impulsive, disorganized, sometimes too much and always too little for oneself) one doesn't necessarily gain new strength. Besides, not dancing is not a solution either!

So we want to combine the pleasant with the useful and organize a compot-benefit party and donate all our proceeds to Ukraine-Hilfe, actually a Cologne association since the beginning of the war with a lot of enthusiasm and competence, quickly, unbureaucratically and tirelessly supplies Ukraine with everything that is needed there - Cologne CARES. (by the way, they are always looking for helpers).

We, in turn, will be supported on the evening by our long-time friends and the warmest, most electric umza-umzigsten Cologne band SKURILLI.

A guerrilla band that is always there where you least expect it, and always hits the notes the soul needs. The sound is a mixture of Balkan and punk rock, Schlager and folk, with the band's own bear. Nine, maybe ten and sometimes twelve guys will give you a portion of gutter folklore and speed polka that will make you lose your hearing and sight. The only thing left to do is dance.

Fri, 04.11.2022
ConcertLate Night

Gypsy-Hardcore, Folk, Polka

concert hall Start 22:00 Doors 21:00

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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