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Le Pop La Série: Luce (+ Mathieu Boogaerts)

This concert is a little sensation. In France, Luce is not touring at all at the moment. Luce is the winner of the casting show "Nouvelle Star" 2010. Because in her home country musicians find much better conditions after such shows than elsewhere, she had to deal with artists from the Le Pop universe right away. Her first album was still largely written and arranged by Philippe Katerine (aka Katerine). But then she met Mathieu Boogaerts and things sparked musically between the two. Boogaerts became her songwriter, producer and exclusive stage partner. The latest album, "Chaud," is entirely penned by Boogaerts. When we had him as a guest here at Stadtgarten last summer, we asked him about Luce and whether she might like to perform in Cologne sometime. Boogaerts politely forwarded our question and she accepted without further ado. This concert is not only Luce's first show in Germany. It is even the very first time she performs in front of an audience outside the francophone world.
Luce, who also works as a theater actress, has perfect timing, is extremely expressive and has a talent to enchant her audience with it. She is very humorous, full of wit, and her vocal sensibility is an ideal match for Boogaert's groove. Exemplarily demonstrated in the great video of her hit "Polka" (tip: be sure to watch), which also became the opening track of the Le Pop compilation "La Boum".

Wed, 06.04.2022
Concert Highlight!

Mathieu Boogaerts (guitar, vocals), Luce (vocals)

Chanson, Pop

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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