Lucia Cadotsch © Wanja Slavin

Lucia Cadotsch ''Speak Low’’ und R. Salomea & A. W. Triggerboy

Lucia Cadotsch

ZEIT sees the Swiss as one of the important protagonists "of the revival of jazz singing beyond the worn standards and singer/songwriter clichés". 2016 she releases her debut "Speak Low" (26.2.2016 enja/yellowbird records) as leader. The trio album with Petter Eldh and Otis Sandsjö is Lucia Cadotsch's international breakthrough. The reactions of the press are euphoric: maximum number of points in the English Guardian, maximum number of points in the renowned DownBeat Magazine (US) and in 2017 the ECHO Jazz singer of the year. Criticism is overflowing and in 2018 the trio was invited to the Winter Jazz Festival in New York City, 2018, followed by the Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Together with the masters of retro-futurism Petter Eldh on double bass and Otis Sandsjö on tenor saxophone, Lucia Cadotsch, who was crowned ECHO singer in 2017, sings an enchantingly beautiful collection of modern traditionals such as Gloomy Sunday, Strange Fruit and Moon River. In versions that unmistakably bear the Berlin stamp today. She sings freely, directly and proudly, like an instrument and like a narrator. What she sings always sounds real because the song and her heart whisper it to her as well. Together on stage, those three are a power that succeeds in interpreting these songs in their very own, stirring, very contemporary way.
Together with Wanja Slavin she developed LIUN + The Science Fiction Band. The orchestral synthesizer pop is the logical continuation of her eclectic musical interests. Lucia Cadotsch was a founding member of Schneeweiss + Rosenrot. She recently released her second album "Edda Lou" with the current modern root band Yellow Bird.

"There was a time before you could amplify sound with electricity, before you could accumulate sound in plastic and bring it from one corner of Tellus to another. This is the remix. Keeping it simple and raw. Three voices stubbornly creating the core of all music; Rhythm! Candles still flicker; the frequencies of yesterday still resonate. This is acoustic retro-futurism." Petter Eldh

"I haven't heard anything this impressive in a while" JAZZPODIUM

"Remember the name Lucia Cadotsch - you're going to be hearing a lot of it." THE GUARDIAN - 5 stars (John Fordham)

"When Cadotsch sings standards with her kindred-spirit trio mates, Sandsjö on tenor saxophone and Eldh on double-bass, songs from a half-century ago feel renewed, as timeless art is refracted through a modernist prism. With no harmony instrument and the uncanny blend of these three performers - the cool precision of the vocalist, the free-jazz edge of the instrumentalists - such songs as 'Willow Weep for Me' and 'Moon River' have fresh textural and emotional resonance." DownBeat - 5 stars (Bradley Bambarger)

Lucia Cadotsch (voc)
Otis Sandsjö (ts)
Petter Eldh (b)

R. Salomea & A. W. Triggerboy

The two artists complete and complement each other in this duo through their common musical preferences to a sound aesthetic at the ravages of time. They present a programme of songs and improvisations arranged especially for this occasion.

Rebekka Salomea has been an active part of the Cologne music scene for several years. Since 2016 she has been working intensively with her band SALOMEA on their own experimental-popular sound, guesting at numerous festivals such as Jazzablanca (Morocco), Moers Festival, c/o Pop, Cologne Open, Acht Brücken, etc. and sharing stages with artists such as Jamie Cullum, KNOWER and Jelena Kuljić.

In June 2018 SALOMEA released their debut CD on KLAENGrecords.
Also in 2018 Rebekka Salomea released the CD "Aura" with the Neo A Cappella Quartet "Of Cabbages And Kings".

In 2017, together with Anthony Greminger and Thea Soti, she founded theLAB collective, which focuses on communication and exchange as well as the inclusion of modern influences from popular music, performance and dance.
Ludwig Wandinger aka Alban Winter Triggerboy lives in Berlin since 2014. Since then he has worked and played regularly with artists such as Philipp Gropper, Jim Black, Wanja Slavin, Elias Stemeseder, Tobias Delius, Gebhard Ullmann, Peter Weniger and many more. With various ensembles from all over Germany he has travelled through Europe, South America and Asia.

Together with bassist Felix Henkelhausen, he created the series "Future Bash" at Berlin's jazz bar Zukunft am Ostkreuz, in which the two perform improvised music composed in ever-changing constellations.
Since 2009 he has been producing and performing his own music - "blending experimental club/beat oriented music with his eclectic influences from his jazz and improvisational background".

Rebecca Salomea (voc, fx)
Alban Winter Triggerboy (dr, prod)

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