Luise Volkmann: Rites de passage


Été Large, Autochrom, LEONEsauvage, 3grams - to name just four projects of Cologne-based saxophonist and composer Luise Volkmann. At the end of March, the 31-year-old has now released her first album under her own name on nWog Records, showing once again what enormous creative power she possesses. The music and idea of "Rites de passage" - with the participation of 18 musicians - will now be performed live for the first time in the Stadtgarten concert hall.

Luise Volkmann's "Rites de passage" is music of resistance and transition. She contrasts the life we have settled into with a utopian space that has yet to be established. In doing so, it neither adheres to preconceived genres nor does it stop at crossing the last threshold of existence - the preoccupation with death.

"Rites de passage" is the soundtrack of a stage of life that consistently, unpretentiously and strongly breaks with assumptions - for example, composition and rework find equal space - and boundaries between the joy of concert performance and the need to want to stand in a sweat while dancing are levelled.

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Since September 2022, Luise Volkmann has been part of the NICA artist development programme for outstanding musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The programme aims to support artists as individually as possible in their artistic profiling and professionalisation of their careers.

Sat, 15.04.2023
Concert Highlight!

Wei Hung (recorder), Juho Myllylä (recorder), Conni Trieder (flute), Hannah Weirich (violin), Veronique De Raedemaeker (violin), Maria Reich (viola), Luise Volkmann (alto saxophone, composition), Janning Trumann (trombone), Yannick Lestra (piano), Dirk Rothbrust (drums), Estreilla Besson (conduction), Sergej Maingardt (live electronics), Ana Alvres aka. anrimeal (voice and live electronics), Laure Boer (voice and live electronics), Marco Mlynek (live electronics), Benjamin Geyer aka. BernsteinZimmer (live electrics, synthesizer), Polina Stretsova (cello), Jan Frisch (vocals)

Jazz, Elektronika

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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