Maria Basel

Melancholic harmonies, shimmering loops and sophisticated arrangements form the basis of Maria Basel's sound. On her debut EP Layers, released on Listenrecords in 2021, the Wuppertal native brought together her strengths as a classically trained musician and her preferences for electronic sounds, jazz and RnB for the first time - now she's coming on tour with fantastic new music!

The constant elements of her compositions are piano and Rhodes - but Maria Basel draws a differentiated, broad arc on this foundation, from fragile, thoughtful, natural sounds to powerful, beat-heavy and electronic elements. In reflective lyrics, she processes encounters from her life, leaving plenty of room for interpretation and association by the listener. Maria Basel writes, produces and performs her music completely independently.
Born in the Ukraine as the daughter of a pianist and a cellist, she is deeply rooted in the music scene of the Bergisches Land and the Ruhr region - over the last few years she has been able to win fans throughout the country and far beyond: Basel has been a guest on TV Noir several times, played concerts with Alin Coen and Patrick Salmen, festivals in Germany, Romania, Spain and Italy, and went on her first tour of Germany. Her music has been celebrated in the press on DLF Kultur, NBHAP and 1Live, among others.

Wed, 28.02.2024

Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Experimental

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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