Marja Mortensson & Daniel Herskedal

Raajroe - The Reindeer Caravan

Multiple Norwegian Grammy Award winner Marja Mortensson dedicates her current program "Raajroe - The Reindeer Caravan" to her identity as part of the youngest generation of Norway's indigenous population. As a member of the Saami people, the singer cultivates a special connection to nature, which is expressed in the music of her new repertoire especially through the skillful use of the Joik singing technique.

With "Raajroe - The Reindeer Caravan" Mortensson dares a new, modern interpretation of the oldest traditions of her people and tells the musical story of her ancestors and their reindeer herds.

On her European tour, Mortensson presents her program at Stadtgarten in the smallest possible line-up with award-winning tuba player and composer Daniel Herskedal.

This concert is supported by EJN's Green Pilot program. The EJN Green Pilot tours focus on innovative touring models based on the principles of sustainable touring and fair and balanced practices in the music sector. They consist of international tours of artistic projects between at least four different venues and involving at least two EJN members. Transportation between the venues is done in the most sustainable way, and different "green actions" and communication actions are put in place for each of the concerts, in accordance with the EJN Green Rider. Green Pilot Tours is a project by Europe Jazz Network (EJN), co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe programme 2022-2024. Through this project, EJN offers a financial contribution to its members designed to stimulate collaboration between EJN members and to put in place sustainability actions in organising tours and events.

Mon, 22.05.2023
Concert Highlight!

Marja Mortensson (vocals), Daniel Herskedal (tuba)

Jazz, Nordische Folklore

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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