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Houbara - Resonanzen Iran 2024

Tag 2 - Duo Razavi-Bahari | Farzané | Rondo Projects feat. Esmaeil Pirhadi

In April, we present the second edition of Houbara - Resonances Iran. The 2-day festival sees itself as a place of exchange, new encounters and shared experiences. Houbara is dedicated to artists and ensembles who question genre boundaries, creating and exploring their own sound worlds. The focus is therefore on multi-layered, contemporary and boundary-breaking music with references to Iran.

Six different current projects can be experienced on the two festival evenings in the concert hall and at JAKI.

Programme 26.04.

19:00 - Houbara - short films from Iran (admission free)

20:00 - Duo Razavi-Bahari
21:00 - Farzané
22:00 - Rondo Projects Edition Cologne No. 1 feat. Esmaeil Pirhadi

23:00 - TIMCHEH: JAKI presents Houbara - Aftershow party (admission included in day ticket and festival ticket)

About the festival title: The Houbara is an Iranian endemic migratory bird that is threatened with extinction. The title also refers to "The Conference of the Birds" (منطق الطیر) by Fariduddin Attar - a great mystical poem that is one of the most important works of Persian literature. It describes the pilgrimage of thousands of birds of the world in search of an ideal king. In the end, thirty birds remain - and realize that they themselves are the king they are looking for.

Both days are curated by NICA artist Sophie Emilie Beha.
In collaboration with NICA artist development, Timcheh e.V. & DIWAN.

This way to Houbara - Resonances Iran Day 1

Duo Razavi + Bahari

The sweetness of the violin and the astringency of the viola combine to form a tonal unity. A fusion of musical material and mystical lyricism, clothed in contemporary soundscapes. The contemporary compositions - including a world premiere by Parisa Sabet - reflect the biographies of Ava Bahari and Muriel Razavi as well as traditional Persian music, blurring the boundaries between supposed opposites such as past and present.
"...stop the words now. Open the window in the center of your chest, and let the spirits fly in and out." - Rumi, ("Where everything is Music")


Farzané is a musician, researcher and sound artist based in the Netherlands. She is interested in experimental approaches to sound, science and technology and explores various disciplines such as electroacoustic music composition, computer science and linguistics. She uses creative coding, field recordings, live electronics, acoustic and programmable instruments as tools in her artistic practice. In her most recent works, she explores complex systems, natural algorithms and the interaction between man and machine. Farzané composes for live performances, interactive installations, films, VR and multi-sensory experiences. Her current research focuses on artificial intelligence methods in the context of free improvisation in electroacoustic music.

Rondo Projects

The name Rondo Projects stands for a series of collaborative musical endeavors initiated by composer and guitarist Ehsan Sadigh and Mazyar Younesi, composer and pianist. Together with percussionist Roshanak Rafani, they began their musical journey in October 2023 as part of the Mosaic Festival in Berlin, a platform for experimental jazz music. In order to promote a culture of constant development, the trio collaborates with different musicians and instrumentalists for each edition of Rondo Projects - for "Houbara - Resonances Iran" this will be the setar player Esmaeil Pirhadi. The music of Rondo Projects reflects the lived musical experience of its members. The group places great emphasis on improvisation in the compositional process and on stage, offering the musicians a platform to develop their creativity and explore new dimensions. Rooted in the diverse musical backgrounds of its members, Rondo Projects seamlessly blends different styles, including minimalism, avant-garde and contemporary jazz. Each ensemble member brings exceptional skill and passion for their respective instrument, resulting in a harmonious fusion of talent and creativity. The term "Rondo" is emblematic of each new round of sounds created with other musicians and denotes the continuous development and exploration within the project. Rondo Projects is more than a musical project; it is an exploration of sounds, a convergence of styles and a celebration of the limitless possibilities that arise when diverse talents unite.

Esmaeil Pirhadi
Esmaeil Pirhadi's playing style emphasizes collaboration with other instruments to explore new sonic and harmonic spaces. By developing and expanding melodic, rhythmic and harmonic themes through improvisation, he aims to discover common spaces between Iranian and Western music. By focusing on the capabilities of the setar and its closely spaced strings, Pirhadi seeks to discover common musical territories between these two traditions.

The setar is known for its melodiousness and its ability to vary melodies and pitches. It is mainly made of walnut wood, its sound box and plate are made of mulberry wood, while the strings were traditionally made of silk, but are now being replaced by copper and steel.

Fri, 26.04.2024
Concert Highlight!

Duo Razavi-Bahari: Muriel Razavi (viola), Ava Bahari (violin), Rondo Projects: Ehsan Sadigh (guitar), Mazyar Younesi (piano, synth), Roshanak Rafani (percussion), Esmaeil Pirhadi (setar), Farzané (electronics), Kurzfilme aus Iran Co-Kuration: Sara Yussefi Marzi

Jazz, Electronic, Neue Musik, Persische Klassik

Concerthall & JAKI Start 19:00

22 €/12 € red. Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 25 €/15 € red. Box Office

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