'Mingus 100 Festival' #2: Cologne Mingus Session Part II | Low Strings Syndicate | Cologne Mingus Quintet feat. Charles McPherson

Artist in Residence: Charles McPherson

On April 22, 2022, bassist, composer and bandleader Charles Mingus would have turned 100. Sometimes progressive innovator and early adopter, sometimes avant-gardist, sometimes form-conscious traditionalist: Mingus was always about artistic freedom, which he demanded passionately, wildly and impetuously, and for which he fought both musically and politically.

The two-day festival 'Mingus 100' is about the art of heightened expression, with which Mingus opened up new freedoms for his soloists. And about the fundamental idea of freedom. Denis Gäbel, Robert Landfermann, Theresia Philipp and many guests explore, honor, interpret, "taste" Charles Mingus. And in the middle of it all, a legend: Saxophonist Charles McPherson, born in 1939, joined Mingus in 1960 and toured with him until 1972.

The concerts are complemented by an accompanying film program. The Filmhaus Köln will show the documentary film 'Charles Mingus: Triumph of the Underdog' on October 3 at 5:00 p.m. and on October 9 at 6:00 p.m. the feature film 'Shadows' by filmmaker John Cassavetes, who worked with pieces by Charles Mingus for the soundtrack.

20:00 - Cologne Mingus Session Part II

Out of reverence for the music of Charles Mingus, Denis Gäbel realized a very special project with Robert Landfermann and Leif Berger, the album 'The Mingus Sessions', released in June 2022. Renowned soloists complement the brilliantly recorded trio. For the two 'Cologne Mingus Sessions', which will take place live during the festival, these musicians will be involved.

20:45 - Low Strings Syndicate

Mingus' polyphonic playing, his spontaneous, almost dance-like sound movements, his high demands, all this opened new ways for his musicians and gave them freedom. What will the Low Strings Syndicate do with this freedom? Everything seems possible when three top-class musicians on the double bass get to work on Mingus. And in addition cellist Elisabeth Coudoux. "Are you the boy who plays the cello?", Buddy Collette had asked Mingus and advised him: "You can't beat a cello, so you have to learn how to pluck a bass, Charlie!" This Mingus did, without ever really giving up the bowed bass and its cello-like tonal colorations.

9:30 p.m. - Cologne Mingus Quintet feat. Charles McPherson

"All of his bands were extraordinary," raved drummer Dannie Richmond, while trombonist Jimmy Knepper stated matter-of-factly, "Nobody's going to be able to play Mingus's music. You can get in there and try to create the mood or style of Mingus. But without Mingus on bass, you're just playing his arrangements or a version of Mingus tunes." But that's quite a lot, and when such an accomplished, highly competent crowd of musicians* rallies around Charles McPherson, much, much of Mingus' unique jazz workshop flair should come to life.

Accompanying film program at the Filmhaus Köln:

October 03, 5:00 p.m.
Charles Mingus: Triumph of the Underdog
Documentary // Director: Don McGlynn // 1997 // 78 minutes // English

October 09, 6:00 p.m.
Feature film // Director: John Cassavetes // Music: Charles Mingus, Shafi Hadi // 1959 // 87 minutes // English

Thu, 06.10.2022
Concert Highlight!

Cologne Mingus Session Part II: Laura Totenhagen (voice), Sebastian Gille (tenor saxophone), Denis Gäbel (tenor saxophone), Simon Seidl (piano), Robert Landfermann (double bass), Leif Berger (drums), Hendrik Soll (drums), Low Strings Syndicate: Robert Landfermann (double bass), Sebastian Gramss (double bass), Christian Ramond (double bass), Elisabeth Coudoux (cello), Cologne Mingus Quintet feat. Charles McPherson: Charles McPherson (alto saxophone), Axel Schlosser (trumpet), Billy Test (piano), John Goldsby (double bass), Mareike Wiening (drums)

Jazz, Improvisation

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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