Louis Sclavis © Luc Jennepin

Multiphonics Festival: Louis Sclavis „Characters On A Wall“

Louis Sclavis is a gifted border crosser between styles and musical genres. Born in Lyon in 1953, he revitalized interest in the sound world of the clarinet and bass clarinet by combining the intricacies of European chamber music with his distinct joy of improvisation. Not to be forgotten: Louis Sclavis is also a passionate film composer. Just listen to his brilliant new composition for the silent film "Dans la nuit" (1929) by and with Charles Vanel! Currently, Sclavis is celebrated for his brilliant collective with which he recorded the album "Characters On A Wall". Rich in associations, Sclavis once again translates feelings into sounds of subtle beauty. Sounds that have just as much to do with film music: "Louis Sclavis is fascinated by the work of the French artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest," Roland Spiegel formulated on BR Klassik, "who provided walls in Paris, Naples or even Ramallah with black-and-white drawings that often have a lifelike dramatic quality. A man leaning as if lurking on a street corner, an old woman under the shade of a tree on a weathering wall, prisoners lined up behind bars and under barbed wire".

Wed, 21.09.2022

Louis Sclavis (clarinet, bass clarinet), Benjamin Moussay (piano), Frederic Chiffoleau (double bass), Christophe Lavergne (drums)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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