Maria Portugal – Quartabé © Ilana Bar

Treiders Holz © Artist

Multiphonics Festival: Trieders Holz | Maria Portugal - Quartabé

For the tenth time, Multiphonics has the world as its guest, and for the tenth time, this unique, special music festival demonstrates the full range of the clarinet family. As profound as it is diverse, as emphatic as it is sensual, as cosmopolitan as it is curious, in its anniversary year the festival delves deeper than ever into the multiphonic sound realms of jazz, world music and avant-garde. In the Stadtgarten in Cologne, a spectacular program can be experienced, which, under the artistic direction of clarinettist Annette Maye, strings together one highlight after another.

Listen to and experience Samantha Wright, Magnus Lindgren, Naïssam Jalal, Mohammed Najem, Michel Godard, Daniel Erdmann, Vincent Courtois, Maria Portugal and many more.

On its dazzling world tour with Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, Central Asian as well as several European sound styles and sound traditions, Multiphonics playfully expands the traditional clarinet family with dazzling members such as various flutes, nay and duduk. Let yourself be fascinated and enchanted by this unique event, which not least also stands for a great cultural-political idea: for a borderless, respectful and inspiring togetherness.

8 p.m.
Trieders Holz: Behind the laconic band name lies great sound theater! Sensual, just as subtle as cryptic, the flutist Connie Trieder unfolds her enchantingly woven chamber jazz. Two characterful flutes, a virtuosic bass clarinet rich in contrasts, and an elegantly promenading double bass together create poetic sound pictures that resemble that little corner of the sun in one of Connie Trieder's poems, which for a brief, precious moment conjures magic in the mundane kitchen from her childhood. Conni Trieder, born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, grew up in Halle an der Saale, studied jazz flute in Cologne with Michael Heupel, Dieter Manderscheid and Frank Gratkowski. Her music is rich in perceptual and sensory impressions and invites one to constantly experience familiar places in a new and different way.

9:15 p.m.
Maria Portugal - Quartabê.
Back in 2014, members of avant-garde composer Arrigo Barnabé's ensemble founded the band Quartabê. To this day, it sees itself as a classroom in which one can be (educated) by the masters:inside of Brazilian music, in order to then confidently think it anew and further. For Quartabê, there is no dividing line between the learning and creative processes: influenced by São Paulo's avant-garde movement, boldly improvised excursions overlap with electronics, pop and (prog) rock. The two distinctive clarinet voices float above pulsating percussion and buzzing and shimmering keyboard passages that delight one with seemingly endless associations.

Tue, 26.09.2023

Trieders Holz: Conni Trieder (alto flute), Quentin Coppalle (flute), Leonhard Huhn (bass clarinet), Athina Kontou (bass), Maria Portugal – Quartabê: Mariá Portugal (drums), Joana Queiroz (clarinet, bass clarinet), Maria Beraldo (clarinet, bass clarinet), Chicão (keyboards)


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