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NICA live: Filippa Gojo Quartett & Elisabeth Coudoux‘s Emißatett-CD Release Konzert

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Since January, the four NICA Artists Elisabeth Coudoux, Pablo Giw, Pablo Held and Tamara Lukasheva have regularly presented musical ideas, visions, cooperations or discoveries under their names in the monthly concert series "NICA presents". We are very happy to continue the series as "NICA live" in the new open-air concert space GREEN ROOM in the back part of the outdoor restaurant of the Stadtgarten (the former "Al Bosco").

Elisabeth Coudoux's quintet Emißatett

Elisabeth Coudoux's quintet Emißatett presents its new CD "physis" in the Green Room. Five outstanding musicians meet each other with high musical values such as equality, freedom, listening, and the common form of sound. The Emißatett is the realization of direct musical communication. A dense but transparent building of events is created, a complex structure. There is no intellectual definition for this experience. It is up to the listener's state of mind whether he hears or thinks exclusively, whether he sinks into himself or looks, whether he analyses or swings into the music.
"The cello, otherwise better known as a slightly melancholic romantic, screeches, trembles and jumps into time. Together with the piano as spaceship, the snare as satellite, the bass as nutrient and the trombone as transducer they blow up the nothingness. Sounds rush by, take us with them and set us down again with stretched perception. Destination Multiverse."

The Emißatett has existed since 2013 and was included in the 2019 funding programme of the Ministry of Culture and Science for professional, independent music ensembles

Filippa Gojo Quartet

Filippa Gojo sings like other people breathe. With a self-evidence that doesn't care about the fact that you have to breathe to be able to live, with an ease that completely eclipses how artful her singing is and with a self-confidence that doesn't need any vain virtuosity bragging.
The singer and her quartet succeeds in the feat of celebrating an outstanding voice and at the same time allowing it to merge into music. The band has long since proven its impact on the audience - for example, by winning the New German Jazz Prize in Mannheim in 2015.

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Table for 2: 10,00 €
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Thu, 18.06.2020

Elisabeth Coudoux (composition, cello), Matthias Muche (trombone), Robert Landfermann (bass), Philip Zoubek (synthesizer), Etienne Nillesen (drums), Filippa Gojo (vocals), Sebastian Scobel (piano), David Andres (double bass), Lukas Meile (percussion)

Jazz, World, Abstract Music

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

Stadtgarten-Cards are NOT valid for this event

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