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NICA live: Granular Epic & Blanco Teta


Pablo Giw and Brad Henkel
Granular Epic

Granular Epic is the title of the evening by experimental trumpeters Pablo Giw & Brad Henkel, whose paths have crossed as a duo since 2014. In Granular Epic, they build ambient-heavy, melancholic-complex music informed by both abstract samples and oppressive bionic drum machines. Both are able to create a wide range of sounds with their trumpets beyond conventional roles, combining them with organic samples, microtonal synths, drones and noisy beats.

Brad Henkel lives in Berlin, is part of the KIM collective as a trumpet player and improviser, plays in the bands Spoiler (with Julia Reidy, Liz Kosack, Sam Hall), Warble and Merry Peers (with Yoshiko Klein).

Pablo Giw is a trumpet player and performer from Cologne. In his music he combines influences of experimental music, urban beat aesthetics and improvisation. He works a lot in the interdisciplinary field, as in his duo SUM with dancer Kelvin Kilonzo

B l a n c o T e t a | is an experimental rock project, with the aggressiveness and simplicity of punk, but with a twist: relentless distorted soundscapes, edgy performances, transfeminist concepts with an avant-garde approach. Formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2017 with the need to find a unique sound with an atypical formation given by the presence of the processed cello. Blanco Teta is composed of Carola Zelaschi on drums, Carlos E. Quebrada on electric bass and Violeta García on cello. They released their first album BLANCO TETA in 2017 on cassette under the record label TVLREC and in 2019 they recorded their second album, released in March 2020 through the label GOZARECORDS. More than a band, Blanco Teta is a performative and visual offering that establishes a dialogue with the audience. Attending a Blanco Teta show is an immersive experience with a high level of relentless energy and madness. Blanco Teta represents a large movement that identifies primarily with other transfeminist experimental collectives from the emerging queer Latinx scene. They are currently working on "ROMPEPAGA", their third album.

Mon, 27.06.2022
Concert Highlight!

Pablo Giw (trumpet, drum machine, electronics), Brad Henkel (trumpet, samples, electronics), Carola Zelaschi (drums), Carlos E. Quebrada (electric bass), Violeta García (cello)

Jazz, Improvisation, Electronic, Punk, Experimental Rock

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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