NICA live: Kira Hummen x kitno.

Double concert: Kira Hummen - NICA artist 2022 - presents herself for the first time in the concert series "NICA live", shares insights into new compositions and brings a second voice and musical colour to the evening with the Düsseldorf band kitno. .
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After Kira Hummen locked herself away in the Bedroom Studio for two years for her album "My Body Is The Only Place", which was released in November 2022, she went on tour with her live band in spring 2023. On 10 July 2023, the musician and multi-instrumentalist will show glimpses of new compositions and arrangements for the first time in the Green Room at Stadtgarten Cologne.

What began in 2019 (EP: "The Moaning Girl") with classic singer-songwriter pop with jazz and soul influences developed further towards indie pop with her first album "Growing Pains" (2020) through her collaboration with Polish producer Antonina Wyszynska. On her latest album, which she produced herself, Kira Hummen served up alternative pop that could hardly be more multifaceted.

In terms of content, the common thread in her music and lyrics remains her own identity as a woman and the associated social and political complexes. In her new compositions, she goes in search of the stories of her ancestors and tells them in unconventional arrangements of multi-layered vocals in conversation with drums, cello, electric bass and synthesiser. Kira Hummen also uses voices as rhythm elements and works with and against the other instruments. Experimental pop that is not afraid to step elegantly over boundaries and a charged vocal performance that literally embraces the compositions.
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Three voices in exchange, sometimes whispering tenderly, sometimes roaring with menace, soon screeching and arguing, only to reconcile again and tell a story - with guitar, drums and feedback.

kitno. was founded in 2022 at the Institute for Music and Media at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf by Sebastian Fecke Diaz, Matthias Erdmann and Sebastian Wulff.

Their musical focus is on exploring ways to expand the sound and space of their instruments with methods of real-time sound synthesis. The trio uses their own software systems to alienate sounds. This creates music that moves between noise, ambient and polyrhythmic elements.

Mon, 10.07.2023
Concert Highlight!

Kira Hummen (vocals, cello, bass, guitar), Karla Lee (vocals, synthesizer), Valentin Brummer (drums), kitno.: Sebastian Fecke-Diaz (no input mixing), Matthias Erdmann (guitar, computer), Sebastian Wulff (drums)

Ambient, Noise, Experimenteller Pop

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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