NICA live: Powerboat // GIW & Kilonzo

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Since January, the four NICA Artists Elisabeth Coudoux, Pablo Giw, Pablo Held and Tamara Lukasheva have regularly presented musical ideas, visions, cooperations or discoveries under their names in the monthly concert series "NICA presents". We are very happy to continue the series as "NICA live" in the new open-air concert space GREEN ROOM in the back part of the outdoor restaurant of the Stadtgarten (the former "Al Bosco"). This evening will be curated by NICA Artist Pablo Giw.

Powerboat came together for a gig in Berlin in February 2020 at which the trio of Farida Amadou, Liz Kosack and Dag Magnus Narvesen shared the stage for the first time — resulting in a sweaty winter night and a cheering, overwhelmed audience. Their idiosyncratic line-up of electric bass, synthesizer and drums is foundation to spectacular group improvisation, pushing through seething soundscapes and incredibly dynamic interplay to agile free jazz attacks of astonishing intensity. Before meeting as a band the three artists cut their teeth in numerous projects and constellations as well as finding a highly personal voice in playing their respective instrument: By challenging possibilities and limits and navigating to unknown territory, Powerboat will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Liz Kosack - synthesizer
Farida Amadou - bass
Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

At a semi-legal electro party at 2 am. In front of a concert grand at a jazz festival. On a forest clearing. Sweating and floating in front of the maw of a boiler room. Intensity rises, no questions asked. Since they met 4 years ago, dancer Kelvin Kilonzo and trumpeter Pablo Giw have been performing and producing on a constantly high output level. A performance that's simultaneously ritualistic, urban and driven by beats, they enter deep and transcendental states, manifesting in the form of hypnotic atmospheres and images. Partly drone, minimal music, contemporary dance, hip-hop, krump, free improvisation and jazz, the artists' music creats a sphere of its own, into which the two performers suck themselves and everyone present.

Pablo Giw - trumpet
Kelvin Kilonzo - dance

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Entrance fee:
Table for 2: 10,00 €
Table for 4: 20,00 €

Thu, 06.08.2020

Liz Kosack (synth), Farida Amadou (bass), Dag Magnus Narvesen (drums), Pablo Giw (trumpet), Kelvin Kilonzo (dance)


GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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