Philipp Gerschlauer © Barbara Zanon, Georg Vogel © Marie Jecel, Matheus Jardim © Artist, Salim Javaid © Rebecca Ter Braak

NICA live: Sophie Emilie Beha presents Philipp Gerschlauer MIKROJAZZ & Salim Javaid Solo

In this edition of NICA live, Sophie Emilie Beha - NICA artist 2022 - curates the quickly overheard, multiform interstices and sound shadings that can be found between semitones. They will be traced by Philipp Gerschlauer with his band Mikrojazz and Salim Javaid with parte IIb, a microtonal composition by the Italian composer Giorgio Netti.

According to Philipp Gerschlauer, the whole world is microtonal. His compositions for microjazz are vehicles for interplay. Since 2007, Gerschlauer has systematically devoted himself to expanding the sonic language of jazz through microtonality combined with groove. The two Viennese musicians Georg Vogel and Matheus Jardim complete the trio. A special focus is on the 128-note tuning, which Gerschlauer has been implementing on the saxophone and in his compositions for over ten years. He has published a fingering chart for this purpose, which bundles over 600 microtonal fingerings on the alto saxophone. His publication Mikrojazz - neue expressionistische Musik achieved international notoriety (RareNoise Records, Gerschlauer/ Fiuczynski/ DeJohnette/ Garrison/ Mikadze).

"Here an alignment is attempted, the search for the key common to different positions that could connect even places far apart." This is how Italian composer Giorgio Netti describes the second part of his cycle for soprano saxophone Necessità d'interrogare il cielo (1996/1999), which lasts about 70 minutes. The entire work is based on multiphonics as material: Netti creates a completely new sound cosmos in which polyphonic and fragile entities are always in motion, overflowing into each other and pulsating. His approximately half-hour work parte IIb is based on the second part ...affrettandosi verso il centro della luce risonante of the four-part cycle.Salim Javaid has been working with Giorgio Netti on his music since the IMPULS Festival Graz 2021 and on future joint projects, such as a version of Necessità d'interrogare il cielo with light installation as well as a new work for the Trio Abstrakt.

Sun, 30.10.2022
Concert Highlight!

Philipp Gerschlauer (alto saxophone), Georg Vogel (mictrotonal keyboard, bass), Matheus Jardim (drums), Salim Javaid (soprano saxophone)

Jazz, Improvisierte Musik, mikrotonal

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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