Laura Totenhagen © Taya Chernyshova

Lucy Liebe © Artist

NICA live: Totenhagen

Vocalist Totenhagen's practice has experienced a radical transformation since 2020. While Totenhagen was previously dedicated to contemporary jazz, she can now be found in free improvising formats with musicians such as Farida Amadou, Eve Risser, with her performative program with solo voice or with her a cappella formation "Of Cabbages And Kings". After completing her master's degree at the Cologne University of Music and Dance four years ago, Totenhagen embarked on a confrontational examination of her previous work in an unconventional way. It leads to an emancipated expression in free vocal improvisation, conceptual work and the constant exploration of her stage presence. Her a cappella performances, as well as her work with various effects pedals, strive for a liberation from common musical rules and patriarchal shackles and explore the sides of Totenhagen's extremely multifaceted voice authentically, with a love of detail, humor and a strong desire for directness.

For this "NICA live" concert, Laura Totenhagen invites multi-instrumentalist and producer Lucy Liebe to a special duo concert.
On this evening, intimate sound collages and songs will be created ad hoc - a form of instant composing - the illusion of a clear goal with an open end, resulting from joint improvisation. The audience can expect a meeting of two musicians who play their instruments with a deep desire for personal expression and thus create something new.

Mon, 29.04.2024

Laura Totenhagen (voice), Lucy Liebe (guitar, effects)

Jazz, Improvisierte Musik, Experimentell

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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