Concert, Late Night

Night of Surprise

Broadening horizons. Coming together. Getting lost. Contemporary composition. Experimental tradition. Radical dance music. Confusion. Regeneration. Curiosity. Inspiration. Noise. Performance. A test of courage. Adventurous playground. Departure. Exhaustion. Encounter.

Never before has such an abundance of experimental and wayward music been produced as today. The festival 'Night Of Surprise' brings this proliferation of large and small experiments, deep-rooted traditions and fleeting digital phenomena, lateral thinkers and those consistently committed to progress to the stages of the Stadtgarten in a breathtakingly polyphonic night.
Programmatically, this year's festival does not return to the already unavailable normality, but reflects disruptive experiences and energies, places European roots next to African futurism, creates space for quiet, regenerative and introspective moments, opens the dancefloor with unbounded recklessness.

The program includes the wild improvisations of New York techno activist DeForrest Brown Jr, the contemplative virtuosity of rising Scottish bagpipe star Brighde Chaimbeul, the contrapuntally complex ensemble compositions of guitarist Jannis Sicker, frenetic electronically reconstructed wedding songs from Uganda by Otim Alpha, and the freely rhapsodizing musica povera of the southern French band Bégayer, in which tradition, avantgarde and echoes of folk music, community and scarcity merge


Amirtha Kidambi & Elder One
Ampair:e w/ Ignaz Schick
Annie Bloch
Brighde Chaimbeul
Camille Émaille & Gésir
DeForrest Brown Jr.
DJ Diaki
(Exit) Knarr
Jannis Sicker Sextett
Keeley Forsyth
Otim Alpha
Radio Hito
T.ON & Madison Greenstone
UCC Harlo

Fri, 14.10.2022
ConcertLate Night Highlight!

Line-Up: Amirtha Kidambi & Elder One, Ampair:e w/ Ignaz Schick, Annie Bloch, Bégayer, Brighde Chaimbeul, Camille Émaille & Gésir, DeForrest Brown Jr., DJ Diaki, (Exit) Knarr, Jannis Sicker Sextett, Keeley Forsyth, Otim Alpha, Radio Hito, Susanna, T.ON & Madison Greenstone, UCC Harlo

Jazz, Electro, Experimental

all area Start 19:00

Free admission

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