Nikol Bóková Trio ⁩


NIKOL BÓKOVÁ is a classical pianist by training
and experience. She regularly performs as a
soloist with foremost Czech orchestras. Her
first such appearance was with the Janáček
Philharmonic Ostrava at the age of nine and she
continues to collaborate with the orchestra to
this day.
Nikol now releases INNER PLACE, debut album
with her original music that has been recorded
in the traditional jazz-piano-trio line-up.
Whilst her usual repertoire stretches from the
Baroque period to contemporary music, her
debut album shows inspiration from jazz,
classical music, minimalism and, in some respects, popular music:
“Recently, I’ve fallen for the sound of the classical jazz trio and realized that it is the
direction I want to take. I consider my music as ‘songs’ in which I can directly tell a story.
As opposed to classical music, I view this as a more immediate, in some sense simpler way
to express my emotions. I don’t feel any need to pertain to a particular genre.”
Nikol’s compositions are perfectly polished miniatures, simple in form but echoing the
harmonic and melodic complexity of classical piano literature. Indeed, Bóková’s play, defined
to her brilliant technique and dynamic keystroke, is unique in the world of the jazz piano. The
album INNER PLACE is characterized by great compositional and interpretive maturity, while
it also breathes with the fresh energy of a debut that witnesses an author discovering new
musical worlds.

Fri, 01.05.2020
Concert Highlight!

Nikol Bóková (piano), Martin Kocian (double bass), Michał Wierzgoń (drums)


concert hall
Start 20:00

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