Paul Heller invites… Jasper van’t Hof

For the November concert in his series "Paul Heller invites..." the saxophonist has once again invited top-class guests - this time without a doubt the focus is on Jasper van't Hof! The Dutch pianist and keyboardist has been writing music history for 50 years. In the early 1970s he became a pioneer of free rock jazz with Association P.C., and with Pork Pie he founded another jazz-rock band with cult status, joining forces with Philip Catherine and Charlie Mariano. While he also repeatedly shone solo on the acoustic concert grand piano, van't Hof opened up to African music with the Pili Pili project. Musically exciting years also connect him with greats like Wolfgang Dauner, George Gruntz, Trilok Gurtu, Wayne Krantz, Didier Lockwood, Alphonse Mouzon, Jean-Luc Ponty, Archie Shepp and especially with saxophonist Bob Malach.

The fact that Jasper van't Hof has always been an outstanding composer with influences ranging from jazz, rock and fusion to classical romanticism is now proven by the brand new album of the Jasper van't Hof/Paul Heller Group, "Conversations". The title says it all: Jasper van't Hof, Paul Heller, Martin Gjakonovski and Bodek Janke hold intense musical conversations, talk amicably, wittily, casually, but never noncommittally. You listen to them as if you were listening to a confidential conversation that you can't escape. "We have a communication that works incredibly naturally," Paul Heller enthuses. "Neither of us feels pushed in any direction; it's a conversation among friends who get along well."

Whereby "Conversations" is admittedly not only an impressive album, but also the promise of an auspicious live experience. Indeed: Paul Heller invites you to a dreamlike concert journey right into the heart of the music of an inspiring quartet, which responds to each other with emphasis and passionate, at the same time always sensitive devotion and will make the sparks fly.

Sun, 06.11.2022

Jasper van‘t Hof (piano), Paul Heller (tenor saxophone), Martin Gjakonovski (double bass), Bodek Janke (drums)


concert hall Start 18:00

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