Peter Evans & Levy Lorenzo © Peter Gannushkin

Peter Evans & Levy Lorenzo

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Peter Evans - Listening to this musician is a privilege. When it comes to the particularly innovative and exciting trumpeters of the past ten years, the American born in 1981 is the one who stands out above all others. Since he immersed himself in the New York avant-garde scene after his training at the renowned Oberlin College in 2003, he has been constantly attracting attention with exciting projects such as the group Mostly Other People Do The Killing or his own formations, outstanding solos and almost unbelievable new playing techniques that considerably expand the possibilities of his instrument, and inspiring compositions. Occasionally, however, Peter Evans can also be heard as a soloist of a baroque concert or a work of new music. He inspires his audience above all with concerts with breathtakingly wild, fast and accurate solos in the high registers. But he is never interested in virtuosity for its own sake. Evans tells stories with his instrument, paints pictures and creates sound sculptures. Without a doubt, the American musician is one of the most versatile and important musicians of the new generation of jazz and improvised music.

Levy Lorenzo works at the intersections of music, art and technology. On an international scale his work ranges from tailor-made electronic designs, sound engineering, instrument making, installation art, free improvisation to classical drums. With a primary focus on the invention of new instruments, he composes, performs and builds new electronic music. As an electronic art consultant, Levy designs interactive electronics ranging from small sculptures to huge public art installations in collaboration with artists such as Alvin Lucier, Christine Sun Kim, and Leo Villareal. Together with Dennis Sullivan he founded the experimental theatre/electronic duo "Radical 2" and is a member of Peter Evans Septett. One of his main engagements is the "Claire Chase's Density 2036 Project". He is a core member of the "International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)" and fulfils various roles as sound engineer, electric musician and drummer.

Wed, 16.10.2019
Concert Highlight!

Peter Evans (trumpet), Levy Lorenzo (percussion, live electronics)

Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Improvisierte Musik

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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