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Pollon feat. Aurora Nealand | New Orleans Traditional Jazz Ensemble | Aurora Nealand Solo "The Monocle"

Initiated by the Hochschule für Musik & Tanz Köln in cooperation with the European Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music Stadtgarten Köln and supported by NICA artist development, the US-American sound artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, accordion and voice) Aurora Nealand will reside in Cologne in January for a workshop and work phase.

Nealand is interested in setting everyday objects to music and creating knowledge through the history of sound. Nealand leads The Royal Roses, a non-traditional traditional jazz band whose approach is based on collective improvisation. Nealand's other musical projects include The Monocle Ensemble, redrawblak Trio, Instigation Orchestra, John Hollenbeck's GEORGE and the Danger Dangers.

The concert in the Stadtgarten concludes Nealand's stay in Cologne and features the musician as the leader of the New Orleans Traditional Jazz Ensemble, consisting of students from the HfMT. She presents her solo program "Monocle" and is a guest of the trio Pollon, which was founded in 2013 by saxophonist Theresia Philipp, bassist David Helm and drummer Thomas Sauerborn. The aim of the three Cologne-based musicians is to listen to each other without compromise in order to give their music full scope to unfold. Breathing, wide and relaxed, the music covers large arcs and, thanks to the willingness of its players to take risks, is virtually predestined to invite a sound researcher like Nealand to work with them. An eagerly awaited live premiere.

Sun, 14.01.2024

Aurora Nealand (saxophone, accordion), Theresia Philipp (saxophone), David Helm (bass), Thomas Sauerborn (drums)

Jazz, Improvisation

concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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