Power Plush

Coping Fantasies Tour 2023

Let's go for Power Plush on tour! With the announcement of the debut album "Coping Fantasies" (release date: 10.02.2023), the first own "Coping Fantasies Tour 2023", with 12 cities in Germany and Austria, will follow in the spring. After the band have given unfiltered free rein to their emotional world on their debut EP "Vomiting Emotions" last year, the band now invites on the album and the tour to the joint "Copen" of this emotional world of problems and desires of their generation, which seems to be lost in its own way.

Power Plush - This is plush indie pop with a pinch of starch and a good oomph of softness. The songs serve as a refuge for the listener, offering a gentle shoulder to lean on, creating the warm feeling of being in good hands. Dreamy harmonies and catchy hooks join self-empowering lyrics and situational tough attitude to let out feelings together. The only healthy way to deal with it, if Power Plush has their way.

Beginning in the summer of 2020, the band introduced themselves with three singles, "Let's Not Pretend," "Homesick" and "Never," outlining the band project's intended musical possibilities. In Power Plush, all band members write their own songs, which are then worked out in a joint exchange of their own experiences and emotional states. The four musicians from Chemnitz, Anja (bass), Maria (guitar), Svenja (guitar), who also share the main vocals, and Nino (drums), have built a safe space for themselves with this band. This allows them to let out their inner life unfiltered and invite everyone to join them and be part of the Plushie family.

The unmistakable invitation to let your feelings out came in the form of their debut EP "Vomiting Emotions" in the fall of 2021. Released as the first signing to Beton Klunker Tonträger, the label of the band Blond, songs like "Smth Cool" or "Feelz" are like a collective hug. Here, harmonic guitars meet playful songwriting with influences ranging from punk, sub pop school indie and 80s pop to disco and R&B. This mix is presented with such a refreshing immediacy that Power Plush already played their way into the indie hearts of Germany.

The single "Heavenly" was released as the first new release since the debut EP and before an eventful summer in which the band plays numerous renowned festivals such as the Tempelhof Sounds, MS Dockville or the Lollalapalooza in Berlin, but also support shows for Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Leoniden, Drangsal, Sportfreunde Stiller or Antilopen Gang.

With the single "Nothing Left To Lose", the band not only announces their long-awaited debut album "Coping Fantasies", which will be released on 10.02.2023, but also their first own headline tour. After the band gave unfiltered free rein to their emotional world on their debut EP "Vomiting Emotions" last year, "Coping Fantasies" deals with coping with these feelings and problems and desires of their generation, which seems to be lost in its own way.

Thu, 06.04.2023

Alternative, Indie

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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