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Six, Alps & Jazz feat. Dominik Mahnig / Nebenwirkungen Vol.5

Vom Monsteralphorn und anderen ausgestorbenen Instrumenten

Special exhibition starting at 5:30 PM in the foyer of the Stadtgarten: Alphorns from Alphorn-maker Hense to try out. Matthias Schriefl and Johannes Bär are there to advise and play.

This 6-piece formation of multi-instrumentalists playfully proves through a variety of woodwind and brass instruments, that folk music is also jazz and jazz is also folk music. With vital virtuosity every thought of folklore is skillfully played away. Homeland instruments from alphorn to schwegel are staged and old songs are translated into the global music of improvised jazz alongside original compositions in alpine style. Rhythms from the Himalayas, Turkey and the African continent are also used from time to time. Johannes Bär can be experienced at the monsteralphorn. The long monsteralphorn has a funnel which is much larger than that of a tuba, fits just about into the concert hall in terms of length and has a wonderfully rich, earthy and deep tone. Matthias Schriefl will play his ophicleide, a historical, chromatic brass instrument with keys, in one feature. Also the Schwegel, an alpine wooden flute, will be heard here and there. The Cologne-based drummer from Switzerland is the perfect addition to the sextet. With his intricate and interlocking grooves he not only creates an additional level to the chamber music sound of the sextet, but also knows how to make the music shine as a symphonic sound painter. Matthias Schriefl proves to be a safe border crosser between musical cultures. As such, he has been honored by the jury of the German Record Critics' Award for the last CD of Six, Alps & Jazz, among others.

"Schriefl's art offers adventure and it makes us listen anew"

  • Jury of the NRW Prize for Composition, Conducting and Instrumental Music

"Soon "Six, Alps & Jazz" turns out to be a musical wonder bag. Filled with weird ideas, amazing twists and turns and an almost inexhaustible arsenal of timbres"

  • Culture magazine, Peter Füssl
Thu, 13.02.2020
Concert Highlight!

Matthias Schriefl (brass, vocals), Johannes Bär (brass, clarinet, vocals), Alex Morsey (brass, tuba, vocals), Gregor Bürger (reeds, brass, vocals), Peter Heidl (reeds, vocals), Florian Trübsbach (reeds, vocals), Dominik Mahnig (drums)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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