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Infant Finches
Finally!! After two years of prepping and working, Infant Finches debut album ‘ Sci-Fi Immune’ will be released and therefore the band and their good friend Liza Dries will perform at Jaki.

Infant Finches play a weird music that catches you off guard and balances carelessly between straight forms and cryptic motifs.

The duo offers complex yet direct music that brings together polyrhythmic structures, noises and clear melodies in a song-like form. A perpetual sense of naivety carries the listener through sudden surprises while carrying a transcendental spirit at its core.
Written, performed and produced by Jan Philipp and Frederik Bruun, the duo has so far released two EP's titled Yellow Tape (2019) and Orange Tape (2020). The two band members met in the contemporary music scene in Copenhagen, Denmark, and shortly after formed Infant Finches.

The band's self-released EP Yellow Tape consists of the first four songs they wrote together under the concept of "first thought, best thought". It was created over a period of two months in a basement rehearsal room and was released on Bandcamp. It was later picked up and re-released by record label Papercup Records, who also released Orange Tape, their second EP. Orange Tape continued the central ideas of the debut Yellow Tape, while introducing unorthodox compositions and long instrumentals with an intuitive and joyful core. Infant Finches' aesthetic resembles that of idols such as The Beatles, This Heat, Dirty Projectors and Stereolab, but they surpass them by transforming the music into a new realm.

After these releases last year, Infant Finches have scheduled concerts in Germany and Europe. Despite the pandemic, they were lucky enough to play a handful of these shows in Germany and Denmark (c / o Pop Festival - stream, Staatstheater Darmstadt for Bedroom Disco, Bumann & Sohn, Det Gyldne Liv - stream, etc.).

In the spring of 2022 will be released their first album, recorded and produced with renowned producer Olaf Opal (The Notwist, International Music, Düsseldorf Düsterboys) and supported by Initiative Musik. This will be followed by an intensive tour in the duo and quartet constellation.

Liza Dries
Welcome to the world of Liza Dries, where her daydreams are transformed into a playful soundscape that she combines with digital elements and her gentle voice. The Groningen-born, Cologne-based artist released her self-produced debut EP Tegenkomer on Safe Space Records in April 2021. The five tracks use contemporary, atmospheric sounds and Dutch lyrics to tell a story about her conflicting emotions. After playing a handful of shows in the Netherlands and Germany in 2021, she continues to work on new songs, drawing inspiration from the modern alternative pop sounds of Oklou, Sega Bodega and Aldous Harding.

Fri, 03.06.2022

Pop, Indie, Rock

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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