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Songlines mit Sohnemann & Tom Taschenmesser

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Songlines goes in search of honest pop music - always with the urge to discover something new. In the GREEN ROOM, amidst green bushes and under large trees, the Stadtgarten team presents this summer artists* who make every Friday something special.


After the Cologne-based indie/rock duo Sohnemann 2016 achieved more than just respectable success with their first EP "Goldenes Schweigen" (including appearances at c/o pop, support for OK KID or RAZZ), things first became quiet around Manuel Binder (vocals, guitar) and Niklas Genschel (drums, keys, vocals) - because the two were haunted by the absolute classic of questions that have been bothering young musicians for ages: Where is the journey to go? Manuel moves to Berlin, Niklas takes over the direction of a choir. Sons are always more or less active, but it doesn't really go back and forth for three years. But instead of letting this state of affairs wear them down, Sohnemann use precisely this uncertainty as a drive for new music.

And lo and behold: in 2019 the band will release two new EPs. The first one is "Hallo Angst" (VÖ 10.10.19). For "Hallo Angst", Sohnemann indulge in perfectionism: together with renowned producers such as Jochen Naaf (Bosse, Giant Rooks), David Maria Trapp (EMMA6) and Fabian Langer (AnnenMayKantereit, Newfoundland) as well as Sven Ludwig (OK KID, Xavi), four songs are created in the band's home town Cologne. Although they are produced according to all rules of the art, they do not appear broken-produced or soulless at any time.

The title track deals with the handling of fear and uncertainty, isolation and alienation, "Dürfen wir das" (May we do that) sheds light on modern hedonism from the perspective of a Rhinelander in Berlin. The duo's sound is fresh and not directly comparable to other German acts, which is an indicator for a particularly good hand in songwriting, especially considering the small band formation.

The second EP "Langsam ist König" is released a week later: the three songs are the result after the knot burst. After a long break, music is finally ready again and everything happens very fast again: "Langsam ist König" is created in just a few days at a spontaneous session in Berlin. Among other things, the songs are simply recorded in a shared room. Dennis Jüngel (Oracles, Lingby) provides for a reduced, but no less stirring sound. You can immediately hear the newly found lightness in the songs.

On their seven new songs, Sohnemann set modern melancholy to music and leave all the faux pas you can put your foot in the mouth. German language music far away from kitsch is possible!

Tom Taschenmesser:

Entrance fee:
Table for 2: 20,00 €
Table for 4: 40,00 €

Fri, 31.07.2020

Manuel Binder (vocals, guitar), Niklas Genschel (vocals, drums), Simon Wasse (guitar), Joris Geisselbrecht (bass)

Pop, Indie, Rock

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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