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Sorcha Richardson

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When Sorcha Richardson's voice resounds, one is surprised: Although it was clear to the Irishwoman that she wanted to become a professional musician, she could not imagine singing her own songs for a long time. Of course, the fact that she has been playing drums since she was ten years old can be heard in the rhythms of her songs. But it took moving to Brooklyn for her to start playing guitar and singing herself. And now, that very voice is one of Richardson's trademarks. For years, the alternative singer/songwriter released her songs entirely under her own direction, until she settled on producing an entire album with a label.

In 2019, "First Prize Bravery" was released to acclaim up and down the country, and she delivered a legendary performance at the Reeperbahn Festival that same year as a largely unknown artist. Her narrative lyrics tell wild stories from the middle of life. Perhaps not always immediately accessible at first hearing, but all the more profound for it. She had her first band at the age of ten and quoted a refrain from that time in an interview with that is worth reading: "She only wants you for your money / She doesn't wanna call you honey / She says she thinks you're really cool / But she really wants you for your swimming pool."

Since then, the lyrics may have gotten smoother, but the candid look at the situation and the subtle humor have remained. Add to that the musical talent for writing little hits and orchestrating and arranging each one in a new and appropriate way. Sorcha Richardson is definitely a great musician who brings out the really big silverware, especially live in the small form. In September her second album "Smiling Like an Idiot" will be released and in November she will come to us on tour.

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Sun, 20.11.2022

Singer-Songwriter, Alternative

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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