Can you be too young for philosophical and political thoughts? Can you be too old for children's music? Rapper and activist Sookee, who has been raising her voice publicly against discrimination and exclusion for over 15 years, answers both questions quite clearly with "No".

As Sukini, Sookee focuses her attention on the ears of little Leutis. She dedicates 12 songs on the album "Schmetterlingskacke" to them, stories and declarations of love full of comfort and courage. For Sukini, it is the most beautiful thing when adults, despite stressful everyday life and their own worries and hardships, take time for the little ones and dive with them into the boundless expanses of childlike imagination and joie de vivre. Sukini invites with this album to look at the world together, to giggle, play, argue, philosophize and cuddle. Without looking at the clock, without evaluation, without "you don't understand that yet".

All people share a world and it must be dedicated to the ideas and questions of the smaller among us. Because it is only fair and just and because we can all learn so much from each other.

An event by prime entertainment GmbH.

Admission for children as follows:
3-14 years: accompanied by a parent
14-15 years: accompanied by a parent or guardian + transfer of supervision
From 16 years: unrestricted

Wed, 04.10.2023

HipHop für Kinder

concert hall Start 17:30 Doors 16:30

20 €/10 € red. Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

Stadtgarten-Cards are NOT valid for this event

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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