Svaneborg Kardyb © Michell Boysen

Svaneborg Kardyb

OVER TAGE Tour 2024 / hochverlegt in den Konzertsaal

Svaneborg Kardyb are Nikolaj Svaneborg - Wurlitzer, Juno, piano and Jonas Kardyb - drums, percussion, a multi-award-winning duo from Denmark who won two Grammys at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019: New Artist of the Year and Composer of the Year. With influences from Danish folk music and Scandinavian jazz, including Nils Frahm, Esbjörn Svennson and Jan Johansson's seminal recording Jazz På Svenska, their music is an exquisite and joyful fusion of beautiful melodies, delicate minimalism, catchy grooves, subtle electronic vibes, Nordic atmospheres and organic interplay - all driven by the sheer joy of playing together: "We started in the earliest hours of the morning over the blackest coffee, sometimes even without talking, just playing music. We immediately felt a connection between our personal playing styles and the compositions came out of nowhere. The vibe of those early sessions is still the backbone of our little band".

Fri, 26.01.2024

Nikolaj Svaneborg (wurlitzer, juno, piano), Jonas Kardyb (drums, percussion)

Jazz, Electro

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

18 €/10 € red. Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 22 €/12 € red. Box Office nur Kartenzahlung

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