Late Night

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Tom-Tom Club feat. Christian S, Benedikt Meger, Korkut Elbay

Tom-Tom Club is an open space for exchange, discovery and boundless, genre-free musical adventures. Local scenes and new ideas are highlighted and promoted here. Meet up in your favorite living room and be surprised!

Benedikt Meger - music lover, DJ and mastermind behind the funkscapes label. He plays records that breathe a certain electronic groove, from 80s funk and electro to house and techno. The same sound happens on his label, timeless and previously under-the-radar tracks are now presented with additional edits alongside current productions to a worldwide audience. His mixes can be heard on, Radio Love Love or Radio Cómeme and live at venues such as Schleuse Zwei and Salon des Amateurs.

Korkut Elbay has been an integral part of Cologne's dance and non-dance music scene for 20 years. He loves Exotic, Nightdubbin, House & Lovetempo all night.

You will be supported by the mysterious local DJ Christian S.

Sat, 13.01.2024
Late Night

House, Electronica, Funk

jaki Start 23:30

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