Late Night

Tom-Tom Club x Thursdaze feat. Romi & Careless

Tom-Tom Club is an open space for exchange, discovery and boundless, genre-free musical adventures. Local scenes and new ideas are highlighted and promoted here. Meet in your favorite living room and let yourself be surprised! For this snowy Saturday evening, Tom-Tom Club meets the Thursdaze party series.

Romi is a Cologne-based DJ known for her eclectic and multicultural background, which is reflected in her music selection. With an open-minded approach, she transcends boundaries and seamlessly blends a variety of genres that have influenced her on her musical journey.

Romi's sets are known for their high energy and pulsating rhythms. She draws inspiration from genres such as hip hop, UK sounds, baile funk and Afro/Latin. She creates a dynamic atmosphere that brings the dance floor to life. Whether you experience her live or listen to one of her mixes, Romi's music crosses boundaries and leaves a lasting impression.

Careless is a Cologne-based DJ duo that transcends genres with polyrhythmic and bass-heavy sounds. Josephine's love of music was awakened at an early age by her father, who was a musician himself. Growing up, Josephine and her father often spent hours making music together and exploring different genres.
Amrei has a background in dance, particularly house dance. Her deep connection to the movement and rhythm of dance translates into the duo's sets: Careless stands out from the crowd by seamlessly blending uptempo sounds such as house, afro house and amapiano with the pulsating beats of UK bass, Brazilian funk and jungle. Her sets are a testament to her exceptional taste and unwavering passion for underground music and club culture.

Sat, 20.01.2024
Late Night

House, UK Bass, Afrobeat, Latin, Baile Funk, Amapiano

jaki Start 23:30

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