Marta Warelis © Bimhuis

TON © Sophia Hegewald

TON herzog | muche | nillesen meets MARTA WARELIS

In its programs, the trio TON always focuses on new musical focal points on the borderlines of advanced forms of experimental music, between improvisation and composition. The aim is to find a simple abstract language that nevertheless has a narrative character; music that constantly sets off on new adventures in sound beyond the beaten track and stretches genre concepts with relish.

At this concert, Constantin Herzog, Matthias Muche and Etienne Nillesen, who are among the most active international players on the Cologne scene, meet a kindred spirit: Marta Warelis. The Polish pianist, who lives in Amsterdam, is a lively performer with a strong penchant for improvisation and experimentation in all genres. Last performing with Dave Douglas' Quintet at Stadtgarten in 2023, Marta Warelis always strives for immediate composition based on new sounds and influences. Her work is inspired by music from all over the world, including cumbia, Angolan dance music, but also jazz, Western classical music and various schools of free improvisation. Born and raised in Poland, where she graduated with honors from the WSJiMR in Wrocław, Marta moved to Groningen in 2010 to attend the Prins Claus Conservatorium. In 2014, she found her place in Amsterdam and very quickly became an active member of the local improv scene. Marta frequently performs at the Bimhuis, where she received a Carte Blanche in 2017 in recognition of her remarkable talents.

TON's latest album will be released this month. It is her fourth CD - TON herzog | muche | nillesen meets SARAH DAVACHI on the Cologne label IMPAKT. Together with Canadian organist Sarah Davachi, TON explore subtle nuances of timbre and time in their music, creating a large-scale composition.

Thu, 01.02.2024

Marta Warelis (piano), Matthias Muche (trombone), Constantin Herzog (double bass), Etienne Nillesen (snare drum)

Jazz, Improvisation

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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