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ALGORHYTHM makes the listener enjoy real things and connect with other people, live togetherness, which has become a specialty in times of rampant digital distraction. An algorithm determines what we see, what we hear, who we meet. The worldwide web seems to be this free world where everyone has access to everything and everyone. But in reality, an algorithm steers us in a certain direction. A direction that often feels natural, reassuring and even safe. It confirms our thoughts and doesn't confront us with other ways of thinking, with new perspectives. As we get swallowed up in our bubbles, we slowly drift apart."
For more than a decade, Jungle by Night has been bringing audiences in 34 countries up to temperature with their genre-bending music at more than 600 festivals and gigs. The nine-piece instrumental collective has released 6 albums to date and uses the sonic breadth of their analog instruments to make music fans of all different stripes dance with rhythms and grooves. The musicians find inspiration in Krautrock, dance, jazz and funk. With its unique sound, Jungle by Night serves a wide audience: from jazz to pop and from dance to hip-hop. For the new album "Algorhythm" (VÖ: 22.10., V2 Records, Bertus Musikvertrieb) they interweave diverse content ideas with their artistic music creative output.

An event by a.s.s. concert.

Tue, 22.03.2022

Pop, Funk

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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