VERLEGT: Lasse Matthiessen

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WHILE THE WORLD stayed at home and the musical landscape was shrouded in silence, Lasse Matthiessen embarked on the only journey that made sense for an embodied melancholic.
The route led into the past: past his old school in the capital of Denmark, where he sang with the Copenhagen Boys' Choir, and past his home in the middle of the now very hip "Nørrebro" district, where he grew up and gained his first experience on the drums and guitar. He went on to Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where he had built up a large and loyal concert audience as a much-travelled musician in recent years.
And then Lasse Matthiessen arrived after his long journey. Disguised as an adult until the decisive moment of his life. Experiences that made the blood in his veins pump and his heart gallop. A rave in Rome, a ballroom in Bordeaux and a breakup in vibrant Berlin where he lived and played for months, even years.
WHEN LASSE MATTHIESSEN released 'When We Collided' a couple of years ago, he really went nuts for radio curators and concert promoters. The catchy track has been streamed more than 890,000 times to date and its folky DNA has since been regarded as his signature sound among bookers, peers and newcomers alike.
But that very sound is now set to be broken up. On his EP "Coordinates Remain" Lasse shows that he has also made a musical journey, which now shows him from a different side. The EP is his most impactful release for him and was created in close collaboration with Stockholm producer Joakim Budde.
"Joakim has a more commercial and electronic outlook, while I contribute the almost diametrical opposite with my deep voice and more complex genre background. In practice, it took a long time to find exactly the expression I wanted and could see myself in, but the mission succeeded. I allowed myself to listen in some new contexts, which was the ambition for the collaboration. "

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Thu, 27.01.2022

Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Experimental

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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