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VERLEGT: Past & Present: The music of Achim Fink // Duo FinKübert & Talking Horns

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Since their first musical encounter over 20 years ago in the Afro-Pop band " Dunyabele ", Martin Kübert and Achim Fink have been involved in a variety of projects.

In the context of ethno music, jazz, pop and classical music, the trio " FinKüberThurm " ( CD at Jazzhausmusik ) was formed with the drummer Heiko Thurm. On invitation of the Goetheinstitut " FinKüberThurm " travelled to Senegal in 1991 and played there among others with the star of the West African scene Baaba Maal and his excellent musicians.

In the following years, the rehearsal room 413 in Cologne's Bürgerhaus Stollwerck with bassist Bernd Keul and drummer Bert Smaak served as a meeting point and nucleus for projects of various kinds. Here, musicians from all over the world, singers, actors and of course many of the musicians living in Cologne meet. The list of names would be long.....

In addition to concerts and public events, they played in clubs, recorded film scores or set radio plays to music. Stage music at the theatres in Cologne, Koblenz, Bonn and Düsseldorf became very important. In addition to songs by, for example, Tom Waits or the Tiger Lillies, they developed their own atmospheric music, which lent the productions a strong and contrasting dynamic.

The invitation to the Jazz Bliss Festival 2011 in Yangon / Myanmar was the reason to dedicate more time to the work as a duo. This offered the opportunity to create a programme exclusively with piano and trombone and to meet musicians from Myanmar. It was the German contribution to this young international festival in a slowly opening historically and culturally exciting country.

Talking Horns
Talking Horns "tell" highly entertaining stories from the past, the present and the future with their instruments. Head and belly are equally served: unheard of for purists and pigeon-holed thinkers. The "average listener" (if they exist at all) will have just as much fun as jazz connoisseurs, friends of chamber music or those who love it when it "grooves".

The developing astonishing multidimensionality of the pieces sometimes reminds one of the structure of sophisticated classical string quartets. The great fascination of the Talking Horns lies above all in the fact that they unfold their imaginative musical microcosm with sparing means: Knife sharp wind movements alternate with lyrical passages and occasionally the musical horizon reflects avant-garde chamber music. Through permanent role changes, the Talking Horns achieve an orchestral density.

Thu, 27.01.2022
Concert Highlight!

Achim Fink (trombone, bass trumpet), Martin Kübert (piano, keyboard), Andreas Gilgenberg (saxophone), Bernd Winterschladen (alto saxophone), Stephan Jochen Schulze (flugelhorn, tuba)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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