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Three musicians. Two brothers. A married couple. That's KOJ. Together they bring to life a sound that is full of contrasts, sometimes rushing, untamed and rough like the ocean that inspires them, other times delicate, fragile and minimalistic. Watching them perform is like looking into the soul of KOJ... dark, dramatic and captivating.


Quietly and secretly Sperling have written their debut album "Zweifel" (Doubt) in the idyllic Hunsrück which already makes clear with its title which emotional turmoil it deals with.

The five-piece band mixes Fjort-like post-hardcore walls with powerful Casper-like raps and a cello. And all this in a consistency and quality that has not been seen before in Germany.

"Most birds migrate to warmer climes for the winter. The sparrow, however, stays and perseveres until it gets warmer again."

Fri, 01.04.2022

Nils von der Gathen (drums), Alina von der Gathen (vocals, guitar), Simon von der Gathen (keyboard)

Deep Dark Indie

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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