Late Night

Zozo © Irwin Barbe

Week Of Surprise Klubnacht: Jesper Jeske / Gavsborg / DJ Marcelle / Zozo

To learn how to party again, we invited Gavsborg and DJ Marcelle, two DJs who have already made the Night of Surprise boil over.

GAVSBORG's live set with progressive Jamaican production crew EQUIKNOXX and singer Shanique Marie was one of the most spectacular highlights of the Night of Surprise so far: With the first bass wave, an already overheated audience went berserk and let themselves be wrapped around Shanique's stunning performance. Now Equiknoxx mastermind Gavsborg returns with a hybrid live & DJ set to celebrate the experimental side of electronic music from Jamaica with the JAKI crowd.
Dancehall Deconstructed: Unconventional, radical, humorous, psychedelic.

An incredible record collection, three turntables. DJ MARCELLE's (Another Nice Mess) sets are anarchic, reference-rich, multi-layered, full of unbridled joy in the music and attention to detail. Here, everything may, shall, will go haywire. Basically, every DJ MARCELLE set is its own Night of Surprise. "Marcelle doesn't show us a path through the jungle of music, she plants a new one with each of her style-defining sets." (ausland, Berlin)

At home in Istanbul, but always on the move: ZOZO has become a prominent DJ and key figure in the Turkish club scene. Her experimental sets are a multicoloured maelstrom of percussive lightness and associative sampling, creating blurred images and clear emotions: "Music as the material to build bridges between communities, as the hand that dusts off our sleeping consciousness, as a voice that brings to life values and emotions we tend to leave behind in the modern world". Besides regular home gigs in Istanbul clubs like Gizli Bahce or, Mini Müzikhol, Zozo was recently heard at Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Dekmantel, De School or Berlin Atonal, among others.

Fri, 15.10.2021
Late Night Highlight!

jaki Start 23:00

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