EOS Kammerorchester & Shaul Bustan – Once around the sun

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A musical journey through Israel and Germany, from the Negev Desert to the Dead Sea and from there to the Rhine in Cologne.
The concert evening "Once around the sun" is a musical narrative about a year in the life of the composer, who as a Jewish Israeli has found his home in Germany in modern times:
Four Seasons about life in the distance, longing and home.

First part
"Summer - Autumn" is a new composition for the eos chamber orchestra plus oriental percussion and oud (oriental short-necked lute) as solo instrument.
The composition makes the connection between Orient and Occident audible and opens up new musical forms and listening experiences.
The forty-minute work consists of six chapters, each of which focuses on the different orchestral groups. In doing so, Bustan makes use of the wide color palette of musical possibilities: a wide variety of rhythms, timbres, modal scales, elements of jazz and improvisations, which, despite their contrasts, come together to form a coherent whole.

Second part
"Winter - Spring" is a series of six compositions from the repertoire of Shaul Bustans Trio. The music pieces were rearranged by the composer for a small ensemble consisting of flute, clarinet, string quartet, double bass, oud and oriental percussion. They are special compositions that combine elements of jazz as well as world as well as chamber music from popular pieces such as "The Way to the Dead Sea", "Be'er Sheva" and "Spring on the Beach".

"Bustan's music pulls at the heartstrings, sometimes seeming to burst with longing, only to recompose itself in a European-elegant way. The harmonies suddenly change from a campfire in the desert to Johann Sebastian Bach in St. Thomas Church - and back. What's impressive is the ease with which the distances are overcome, how relaxed he is in putting together what, after all, supposedly doesn't fit together." Jüdische Allgemeine

Sun, 20.03.2022
Concert Highlight!

Shaul Bustan (oud, composition), Sebastian Flaig (percussion), eos chamber orchestra, Susanne Blumenthal (conduction, direction)

Jazz, Avantgarde, Global Music

concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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