KLAENG Festival #2

Johanna Summer Solo / Zeuthen Anderskov Vestergaard / Nepumuk

Johanna Summer Solo
Johanna Summer has long since gone beyond the status of a "promising shooting star of jazz". Whereby "jazz" has always been only one facet of her stupendous piano playing from the very beginning of her career: Her joy in constant improvisation feeds no less from her passionate turn to classical music. After her debut album "Schumann Kaleidoscope", she created finely chiseled duo miniatures with Jakob Manz that are as filigree as they are expressive, and now the solo project "Resonances" is about to begin. Bach, Schubert, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Grieg, but also Ravel, Ligeti and Scriabin are the sources of inspiration for a virtuoso bridge builder who deeply penetrates her source material and makes it the basis of her own narrative power.

Zeuthen / Anderskov / Vestergaard
Three Danish musicians from three different generations, influenced by different stylistic sources, united by their common joy in expressive, free, sometimes hymnal improvisational music. Jesper Zeuthen's powerful saxophone sound characterizes the dynamic group sound, without there being a single voice in the dense mesh with its soulful, spiritual interjections. Zeuthen also played with Jakob Bro, pianist Jacob Anderskov worked with Jim Black, among others, and Anders Vestergaard, the youngest in the trio and a great in the Danish underground scene, played with - Thomas Morgan.

"Yeah," raps Nepumuk, "my oeuvre speaks volumes," describing himself a few lines, "I unleash ideas in the periphery / Nepumuk's opus eludes focus / Focuses eremitic mode in the process..." Nepumuk is high up on the quality ladder of the rap genre, meaningfully calling one of his albums "metamusic" and functioning like a sponge with wordplay and socio-critical acuity: he soaks up everything, dissects, analyzes and polemicizes, casually to coolly undercut with loops drenched in jazz and funk samples. In the duo with DJ Stelze it gets loud, the beats might drone differently and yet similarly as before with the Jesper Zeuthen Trio.

Sun, 13.11.2022
Concert Highlight!

Johanna Summer (piano), Jesper Zeuthen Trio: Jesper Zeuthen (saxophone), Jacob Anderskov (piano), Anders Vestergaard (drums), Nepumuk: Nepumuk (vocals), DJ Stelze (turntables)

Jazz, Improvisierte Musik

concert hall Start 19:00 Doors 18:00

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